The Teen Project

Serving youth that are homeless in Los Angeles. The Venice PAD (Protection and Direction) Drop in center is on Windward Avenue in the heart of Venice Beach, home to hundreds of homeless youth who come from all over the United States. The mission of The PAD is to move youth from the streets to safe housing, education and job obtainment quickly.

Where other organizations may provide resources (food, clothes, ID obtainment and more) to youth living on the streets, our organization is adamant that we need to move these kids off the streets and to safe housing immediately. The resources provided to the homeless population liviing on the streets, is the very thing that draws them there. The kids in Venice tell us they come there because you can live on the in the beautiful weather and obtain everything they need to survive there. 98% of the youth we serve are not from California and only 2 of the youth we served were from the Venice area. The streets are dangerous and we have a small window of opportunity before they become habitually homeless. The Teen Project is a parent to the parentless. These are "our" kids and we can help them now to get their life on track before it is too late.

There is over 10 million dollars in donations going to resources for homeless people in the Venice area. While the resources are nice, they enable people to stay on the streets. If the resources were moved into the housing programs (The Teen Project, PATH, Share!) we would be helping the community and the homeless people. Our overriding goal is to educate the community to donate to the shelters, drawing the homeless population to the shelters, rather than the streets.

Each youth entering our center is assessed and goals set to return to family or locate a suitable housing alternative to meet their specific needs and get them back on track. We provide housing to 45-60 youth per year since arriving in Venice Beach in 2012.

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